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Lulubelle is a female sentient crystal ball.


Lulubelle is a bluish crystal ball partnered with Madam Wicki-Wacki, an elderly fortune-teller from Duckburg. Though clearly supernatural and highly accurate in its predictions of the future, Lulubelle does not appear to be capable of communication with people other than Wicki-Wacki herself.

In 2002, Donald Duck consulted Wicki-Wacki and Lulubelle about his future; the psychic was unable to tell him anything useful, as she believed Lulubelle was malfunctioning and "seeing double" into the future. (In truth, she had merely foreseen Donald's imminent encounter with a trouble-making lookalike of Donald's).

Behind the scenes

Lulubelle only ever appeared in 2002 in William Van Horn's story Double Trouble.