Lulubelle Loon is a female anthropomorphic loon.


As featherbrained and lunatic as her son Fethry Duck, Lulubelle nonetheless married the strong and no-nonsense Eider Duck. She had at least three children (FethryWhitewater and Mary). Whether she is still alive in the present day is unknown, though traditionally she is in Disney fanfiction.

Behind the scenesEdit

Lulubelle Loon is one of the characters Don Rosa created for his Duck family tree, largely basing her on her son Fethry; which is notable as Don Rosa initially planned not to include Fethry in his tree at all, in which case the appearance of Lulubelle would likely have been different. She is also based on the depiction of Daphne Duck shown in Mark Worden's Duck Family Tree.

Interestingly, Eider and Lulubelle's sons each look like one of their parents: Whitewater has the same build and personality as his father Eider, while Fethry has the same looniness, small eyes and wild hair as his mother Lulubelle.

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