Luna NJ-1980

Luna NJ-1980 is, was or will be a female anthropomorphic duck (or an alien resembling one).


When 2001's Donald Duck misused Gyro Gearloose's Travel-o-rama and accidentally collapsed elements from various places and eras into one mishmash reality, he met space-explorer Luna NJ-1980, whose spaceship had been pulled into Donald's world and crashed there while she was on her way to a planet known as Tau Bootis. The two fended off the dangers of the extratemporal dimension together, quickly forming a bond.

When Gyro Gearloose pulled Donald back to 21st-century Earth, this resulted in the various elements of the artificial dimension being scattered back to whence they came, including Luna — before Donald could enquire where she came from. However, he took comfort in the knowledge that she was still out there somewhere, unlikely though it was that they would ever meet again; he kept a small engraved plaque she had given him as a keepsake.

Behind the scenes

Luna NJ-1980 appears in the 2001 story Worlds Apart.

She bears a noted similarity to Reginella.

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