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Ma Beagle is a female anthropomorphic dog.


The mother of numerous Beagle Boys and the de-facto matriarch of the Beagles clan, Ma Beagle is an authoritative, strong-willed old woman with an uncanny ability to pass for a friendly old lady. Though a bold schemer, she tends to be brought down by her strong temper.

Behind the scenes

Loosely based based on the real-life Ma Barker, and replacing Grandpa Beagle in narrative role, Ma Beagle was created for DuckTales, debuting in Robot Robbers.

Despite popular belief, Ma Beagle is not only the mother of the DuckTales Beagle Boys, but also of at least some of the identical-looking Duckburg Beagles from the classic comics, as shown in a number of Dutch stories.

Voice Actresses