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Macaw is a city from the 2017 Continuum located in or near China that was visited by Scrooge McDuck and his family during "The House of the Lucky Gander!".


Macaw is a flashy city with many neon signs. It is a hub of gambling with at least one casino (and likely others). Macaw does some manufacturing, as one fake diamond Louie found had a Made in Macaw label on it.

The luck vampire Toad Liu Hai ran a mystical casino called The House of Lucky Fortune in Macaw. Gladstone Gander visited it at some point prior to October the 14th, 2017 and was imprisoned there, so that Liu Hai could feed off of Gladstone's luck. Gladstone was later freed by his family and The House of Lucky Fortune was destroyed.

Behind the Scenes

The city is named after and based off of Macau. The name itself is a pun on the species of birds, Macaws.

Macaw's first appearance was October the 14th, 2017.