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King Macbeth was a male anthropomorphic dog.


An 11th century Scottish warlord, Macbeth killed King Duncan I of Scotland and took the crown, which he held until 1057.

That year, a civil war erupted. To protect himself from those wishing to depose him, Macbeth struck a deal with Sir Quackly McDuck to be protected by him in Castle McDuck, in exchange for a chest full of gold and jewelry, direct from the royal treasury. This did Macbeth little good, as he was soon found and dragged away to his death by his opponents, led by Malcolm Ceann Mor. Sir Quackly, meanwhile, walled himself in with his treasure to protect it from the invaders but never managed to get out again, starving to death with the chest still in his clutches.

Hundreds of years later, notorious playwright William Shakespeare wrote a play entitled Macbeth, loosely based on the historical Macbeth. A notorious work, the play was, on at least one occasion, performed in Duckburg, with Donald Duck and Gladstone Gander competing for the title role.

Behind the scenes

Macbeth, based on the historical figure of the same name was first mentioned in the 1975 article The Famous Donalds. He also appears briefly in Don Rosa's The Last of the Clan McDuck and The History of the Clan McDuck, and, as a theatrical part in William Shakespeare's play, is at the center of the 1989 story simply titled Macbeth, where Donald Duck and Gladstone Gander vie for the part in a local production.