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Madam Mim, also known as the Mad Madam Mim or the Marvelous Mad Madam Mim, is a human woman.


Madam Mim is an immortal witch who originally lived in the Forest of Broceliande; she is the famous wizard Merlin's evil counterpart and has all of his powers, though she uses them for evil and with much less cleverness than the wise enchanter. Madam Mim is completely mad and proud of it, and also quite villainous and sadistic. For unknown reasons, she has moved to the United States of America, where she lives in a shack she rents from Scrooge McDuck (that is, when she isn't bothering the Beagle Boys). Mim is also smitten with the Phantom Blot, who does not return her affection at all.

Behind the scenes

She first appeared in 1963 in The Sword in the Stone.

Voice Actresses

  • Martha Wentworth (The Sword in the Stone)
  • Russi Taylor (Nominal classical voice from 1963 to 2017)