Magellan, also known as Flitter, is a non-anthropomorphic african blackbird.


An extremely intelligent and brave-hearted African Blackbird, Magellan was trained by a group of explorers stranded in the middle of an African jungle to bring a message back to their friend Pangea Toft. Through many hardships, Magellan fulfilled his mission, but met Goofy and Mickey Mouse (Pangea's neighbors). Unaware of his true name and origin, Goofy then began calling him Flitter. Mickey, Goofy and Eurasia Toft then took Flitter along on their trip to rescue the three "Lost Explorers", and afterwards the bird returned to live with his owners.

Behind the scenes

Magellan was only ever seen in the 2003 story The Lost Explorers' Trail.

His appearance as a blue bird (in spite of his species being a "blackbird") who tweets often, coupled with his role as a message-carrier, makes it likely Magellan was created as a joke about the social network Twitter. This is made clearer in Jonathan Gray's localization of The Lost Explorers' Trail, as it has Goofy refer to Magellan as "one of'em twitter-birds".

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