The Magic Coat, also known as the Coat of Christmas Magic or simply the Coat, was a magical artifact of mysterious origin.


The Magic Coat (resembling a worn green, checkered vest of rather small size) was a mysterious magical artifact whose purpose was to aid noble causes. After seemingly manipulating events to find its way into the possession of a noble soul, the Coat would give them an unlimited supply of one-dollar bills from its pockets. If the wearer tried to exploit the magic for their own profit, the Coat would give progressively smaller amounts of money, and eventually switch to "giving out" debts. On the other hand, if they wanted to use the money to do good, the value of the Coat's gifts would increase, giving out ten-, hundred- and finally thousand-dollar bills.

In November of 2011, the Coat was found by a poor but jolly man from Mouseton, by the name of Ebenezer Scrunge. Scrunge, however, was corrupted by its power, and, when the Coat became more trouble than it was worth, the embittered Scrunge abandoned it in a restaurant where it was found by its last legitimate wearer, Mickey Mouse. After realizing the Coat's powers, Mickey used it nobly, giving fifty dollars to Jasmine Jingle for her poor siblings' sake, but found the Coat stolen from him by Peg-Leg Pete.

The scoundrel tried to use its money to eat in a fancy restaurant, where, even as the value of the cash he was turning out began to reduce, Pete accidentally blurted out the Coat's magical nature. The other guests, losing their cool at the idea of an infinite supply of free money, leapt at Pete and quite literally tore the Coat apart as they attempted to get their hands on some amounts of cash.

Yet all was not lost of the Magic Coat's magic; at Mickey Mouse's suggestion, Jasmine sewed the shreds of the Coat into a Magic Cap, which could no longer give out money but did provide small Christmas gifts to the Jingle kids — notepads, crayons and so on.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Magic Coat is central to the 2011 story Mickey Mouse and the Coat of Christmas Magic!. It is worth noting that despite the title of the story, the Coat is not specifically linked to Christmas — indeed, the story all but states that Scrunge had been quite able to use his power in November or earlier.

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