The Magic Paintbrush, also known as the Paintbrush, the Magic Brush or just the Brush, is an extremely powerful magical item belonging to Yen Sid.


The Magic Paintbrush is one of Yen Sid's most powerful magical item. It can be used to create or destroy Toon objects, being magically supplied with infinite amounts of Paint and Thinner. Yen Sid used the Paintbrush to create Wasteland, and Mickey Mouse later used it throughout his adventures in Wasteland.

Figment, while a member of the Lucky Seven, wielded a very similar magic paintbrush. This paintbrush was also seemingly obtained from Yen Sid, and is thus likely to be the very same paintbrush, or at least one of similar design.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Magic Paintbrush is a major artifact throughout the Epic Mickey series, beginning with the original Epic Mickey video game.

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