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The Magic Sheep are one hundred magical sheep-like beings who exist in the 2017 Continuum.


The Magic Sheep are immortal, sapient sheep who are physically identical to regular sheep (and rather cute ones at that) but are in truth sapient and capable of emitting waves of cool air on demand, only needing to be "recharged" every thousand years by a formation of special blocks of ice or, failing that, refrigerators.

The only hundred Magic Sheep known to exist were brought to Doom Valley by Viking explorer Hilarius Goosesson, and were cared for ever after by the descendants of his crew, whom the cold aura of the Sheep allowed to build a hidden village right in the middle of the inhospitable desert. By the mid-2000's, however, the Sheep were down to 99, one of them having run away to Hollywood to live a life of luxury.

Behind the scenes

The Magic Sheep appear in the 2017 DuckTales 2017 comic story A Viking At My Door!.