Magic from the Haunted Mansion, is a book written by Alwyn Stevenson. Narrated by Phineas J. Pock, it features the Hatbox Ghost, the Four Queens, Madame Leota, the Beheaded Knight, the Brick Arm Guy, King Tut, Elias P. Etherial, the Quicksand Men, the Elastic Ghosties, the Executioner, Count Dracula, the Tightrope Girl, Harriet and the Opera Ghost.


The book presents itself as a compendium of magic tricks illustrated by drawings of various Happy Haunts of the Haunted Mansion, and written by Phineas J. Pock.

Behind the scenesEdit

This book was printed in 1970 and promoted the then-brand-new Haunted Mansion.


“Phineas J. Pock” as seen in the illustrations.

The illustrations (whose author is unknown) were closely based on various pieces of concept art for the ride, and are, in places, evidence of concepts that didn't make the final cut — for example, the Stretching Room skeleton appears to be a woman with a large feathered hat, instead of the Ghost Host). In the same spirit, the book refers to its narrator (whose role, and appearance in illustrations, make it clear that he is the Ghost Host) as "Phineas J. Pock", mirroring a scrapped tombstone for Phineas Pock - Lord and Master that would have confirmed this as the Ghost Host's name.
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