Magica's Amulet is a magical talisman from the 2017 Continuum.


This polished pinkish gem, which glowed a brighter shade of pink when used, originally belonged to Magica De Spell, who used it to grant herself the powers of a witch, though she was not born with innate magical abilities. She had great mastery of it, and could change its shape on a whim, often refashioning it into a sort of scepter which retained the gem as a pommel.

During the time when Magica's body was trapped inside the Number One Dime, she managed to stuff her soul into the Amulet, which she entrusted to a newly-created minion — a sentient embodiment of her own shadow, who would, in time, rebel against Magica and become known as Lena. During her years walking the earth, awaiting an opportunity to bring her mistress back to full power, Lena could occasionally call on the Amulet's power to perform magic of her own.

During her brief 2018 return to power, Magica took the Amulet back from Lena and made it into a staff, which she wielded against the Duck throughout the “Shadow War”. Said War came to an abrupt end when, losing her balance, Magica dropped the staff, which fell a sufficiently long way, and on hard enough a substance, to crack on arrival. This caused a magical backlash that stripped Magica of all the magical abilities she had obtained from the Amulet, forcing her to retreat.

The cracked but still potent Amulet, meanwhile, morphed back into its original pendant form and found its way into the hands of a young, inquisitive and talented Duckburger called Violet Sabrewing, who became a sorceress herself using its powers, and eventually used it to help Webby Vanderquack free Lena De Spell's soul from the Shadow Realm and bring her back to life.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Amulet first appeared alongside Well-Traveled Teen Lena herself in the Season 1 episode of DuckTales originally broadcast as The Beagle Birthday Massacre. It became a recurring element of the show's mythology, tying into Lena's plotline.

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