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Magica De Spell is a female anthropomorphic duck.


Magica De Spell is an Italian female anthropomorphic duck who lives in a shack next to Mount Vesuvius. Magica is fascinated by the occult and comes from a long line of witches, though she is a rather weak-powered sorceress and usually has to rely on artifacts, potions, or sometimes even mundane tricks. She is generally unable to perform meaningful magic without at least a magic wand, to the point that the witch society is reluctant to call her one of their own and label her as a Sorceress instead.

At some point, Magica discovered a spell that could grant her the fabled Midas Touch, the ability to turn anything into gold by her mere touch; she wants to use it to become the richest person in the world and spend the money on rare and powerful artifacts to eventually become the most powerful being on Earth and take over the world (she would also use this power to transform back her brother Poe, whom she accidentally turned into a raven). However, the spell requires melting down Scrooge McDuck's Number One Dime. Since Scrooge is obviously reluctant to cooperate in such a plan, most of Magica's efforts are spent on stealing the dime, with which she has become crazily obsessed. She is helped in her evil entereprise by her advisor and sidekick the raven Ratface.

Behind the scenes

She first appeared in 1961 in The Midas Touch.

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