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A Sarah Jolley sketch illustrating the Magicstone relationship.

Magicstone is the name of a ship and, more broadly, a trend in the Duck comics fandom.

Description & HistoryEdit

“Magicstone” is a portmanteau of the first names of Magica De Spell and Gladstone Gander. Thus, at its simplest expression, Magicstone is the romantic pairing of those two characters. In this way, Magicstone can be said to be officially endorsed to an extent, per the story A Gal for Gladstone (and others which have less blatantly “teased” the pairing, such as Kiss of Fortune and Quacklight).

Since Sarah Jolley's highly influential fancomics, however, starting with The Sorceress's Apprentice, Magicstone also covers an interpretation of how such a relationship should develop.

It is fundamental that due to the two's circumstances, their romance can only be a bitter one; insofar as it exists, it does so in a flickering, on-and-off fashion, such that both characters try to deny it, both to themselves and others, when not faced with one another. The point is stressed that Gladstone's natural luck made him interested in occult lore (though he does not practice it), and his knowledge of it is enough to impress Magica. Meanwhile, Magica's obsession with the Lucky Dime and her unhealthy lifestyle are cast in a more tragic light than usual, allowing Gladstone and his epicurean worldview to try and reform her for her own sake. 

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