The Maharajah of Eyesore, also known as the Rajah of Eyesore, is an anthropomorphic dog.


Similar to, but friendlier than, the arrogant Maharajah of Howduyustan, the Maharajah of Eyesore is one of the few tycoons worldwide who can rival Scrooge McDuck, his fortune seeming to be mostly made up of diamonds. In 1958, he was one of the participants in the Great Space Race for ownership of the Golden Moon, but had to go back to Earth after the Beagle Boys scuttled his Diamond-Nosed Rocket.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Maharajah of Eyesore first appeared in Carl Barks's 1958 one-pager Moola on the Move, and reappeared with a slightly different design in his story The Twenty-Four Carat Moon, published in the very next issue of Uncle Scrooge (which also brought back another character introduced in Uncle Scrooge #24, Longhorn Tallgrass).

He is reminiscent of, and often conflated with, Barks's other, more famous recurring "wealthy Maharajah" character, the Maharajah of Howduyustan — and it is quite possible that Barks invented the 1958 Maharajah(s) based on vague memories of his earlier creation.

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