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Maid Lovelorn is a female Proto-Toon resembling a female dognose.


A "living drawing" created by Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck using magic ink, Maid Lovelorn was meant to be the typical romantic-minded princess, in love with Knight in Shining Armor Sir Luckalot. Soon after coming to life, however, Luckalot and Lovelorn berated the preteens for not letting them so much as kiss in their overly-chaste attempt at a romance plotline. Luckalot let slip that she would be fine with kissing "anyone", whether Lovelorn or someone else, which angered Lovelorn.

Before they could get things straight between them however, they were attacked by the drawn two-headed dragon Melvin (the ill-thought-out creation of Donald Duck). Lovelorn was last seen retreating into the Magic Inkwell alongside Luckalot and Lovelorn in a successful bid to escape from Melvin.

Behind the scenes

Lovelorn was only ever seen in the 2002 story Can You Imagine… Melvin?.