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Mal's Manor is a fanmade website centering on Phantom Manor, created by Sara Bardi, also known by the pen name of “Malakia” (hence the blog name).


Created when Bardi's Phantom Manor fandom was reawakaned, Mal's Manor is described by its creator as her “Phantom Manor/Thunder Mesa art and curiosities blog”. There, she posts fan art of the Phantom Manor cast, opinions on various subjects related to the ride, and overview of “the lore” aimed at new fans.

For Halloween 2020, Bardi also unveiled potential 2017 Continuum versions of Henry and Melanie Ravenswood, reimagined as anthropomorphic ravens so as to fit DuckTales 2017's house style of never including any out-and-out human characters outside of supernatural circumstances.

List of stories

She also occasionally releases full-on comics & stories of varying length and canonicity, which, due to the notoriety of their author, are covered on the Wiki.

  1. He's So Proud
  2. Mélanie Had An Interesting Childhood…
  3. Jake NO.
  4. Phantom Dads
  5. Nice Hat
  6. Sorry Ladies
  7. The Earthquake
  8. The Refurbishment
  9. Henry & Martha Ravenswood
  10. Enchantée
  11. He Has A Permit, Y'all
  12. Some Things HAVE To Happen
  13. Dad Jokes
  14. Jasper & Anna Providing Some Moral — And Practical — Support

Behind the scenes

Mal's Manor is hosted on