Mallard Mansion was a mansion in Duckburg.


Mallard Mansion was once the home of Mallard, a wealthy Duckburger with a flair for the dramatic. Mallard hid a map to his treasure somewhere in the Mansion (in point of fact, inside one of the andirons), and recorded this fact in mysterious documents which Scrooge McDuck came across some time after Mallard's death. Scrooge, looking for the map to the Mallard Treasure, bought Mallard Mansion and had it torn down piece by piece. However, he missed the andiron in the process, and abandoned the ruins of the Mansion until finally, in 1976, his grandnephews found the unassuming artifact by chance while playing in the ruins.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mallard Mansion is central the events of the 1976 story Key to the Treasure.

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