Man at Work is a story written and drawn by an unknown writer and artist (who may have been one and the same). It features Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, and Bambi.


Donald is training for his new job with a series of odd and seemingly unrelated activities, and Mickey is determined to find out what sort of job could possibly require such a strange array of skills. With Pluto and Bambi in tow, Mickey trails Donald, hoping to solve the mystery of the duck's new job.


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Behind the scenes Edit

Man at Work was first printed in 1951 in Mickey Mouse Weekly #601. To date, it has never been reprinted.

Interestingly, the comic is actually an advertisement for Cusson's Imperial Leather Disney Soap Characters, a product which debuted around the time that the comic was printed. The product consisted of a line of soaps in the shapes of various Disney characters, among them Mickey, Donald, Pluto, and Bambi, the same set of characters featured in the comic, which were displayed in stores encircling a roundabout, hence Donald's new job as a roundabout operator. The product itself makes an appearance in the second panel of the third row of the comic.

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