The Man in the Web, sometimes known as Webster, was a human man who became some sort of undead.

Description Edit

At an unknown point before 1971, an unfortunate human stumbled in to the Haunted Mansion, where he became ensnared in a giant spider's web, where he died (whether of starvation from being stuck on the web, or through the action of the spider who spun it, that much is unknown). This being the Haunted Mansion, he naturally became one more undead ghoul to haunt the Manse, moaning and shrieking when people passed his rotting remains.

A few days after the Mansion was opened to the public for tours, the man disappeared from the web (much like the Hatbox Ghost, it is unknown if he did so under his own power or was removed by some other entity). The web remained for decades, but was removed in 2007.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Man in the Web was a figure in the Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World. It was removed before the mansion was even open to the public, and only those who were invited to an exclusive preview tour of the Mansion saw it. To this day, it is still debated whether the figure even existed. The only evidence is a piece of concept art and a ride maintenance manual which marks its location on an overhead map.

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