The Manager is a male dognose.


This elegant and standoffish middle-aged man is the manager of the Duckburg Ritz, and also seems to be in charge of other hotels around the world owned by the same company (including the "odd one out", Hotel Transylvania). In 2004, he assigned newly-hired concierges of the Duckburg Ritz to some of these other hotels to try them out in unfamiliar settings, which included sending Donald Duck to the Hotel Transylvania.

When he came to check on Donald, the Manager was, at first, outraged at the damage Donald had accidentally caused to the building, but was convinced to let him keep the job after the monster guests of the Hotel assured him they liked it better this way, and Donald was, either way, an outstanding concierge.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Manager was only ever seen in the 2004 story Hotel Transylvania.

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