Marco Polo is a character of unknown species from the world of Donald Duck.


Marco Polo was a great explorer of the old days. He went to Asia from Europe to reach China , where he lived for several years. He and his traveling companions were the first Europeans to know certain regions. His trip has allowed the development of exchanges between the two continents.

Behind The Scenes

Marco Polo is quoted in several stories. The first is probably Capsules for Tralla the of Carl Barks , published for the first time in 1954, when Scrooge McDuck , looking the valley Tralla The Chinese complained that the information given to it by local residents is information dating from the time of Polo.

Later the traveler is quoted in The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan , still from Barks, where it is said that he knew the Mongol leader Genghis Khan . As the title of the comic suggests, it is of course again mentioned in The treasure of Marco Polo , the same Barks.

In the story The fantastic adventures of Marco Polo called "The Million" , by Guido Martina , Romano Scarpa and Sandro Del Conte (published in 1982, 1991 in France), Picsou decides to produce a television series dedicated to the adventures of the famous traveler. The role of Marco Polo is played by Donald Duck  ; Scrooge, meanwhile, interprets the Genghis Khan of China, as well as Marco's uncle, Niccolò; Ludwig von Drake is in the role of Father Matteo Polo; and finally, Chris Yéyé had to play a beautiful Chinese princess. However, Daisy Duck, furious with jealousy at the idea that Donald plays scenes of love with Chris, the soap opera ends up not being produced ...

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