Marco Polo was a human man.

History Edit

Marco Polo was a great explorer of the old days. He went to Asia from Europe to reach China, where he lived for several years. He and his traveling companions were the first Europeans to know certain regions. His trip, which he later recorded in a book known as the Millione, allowed the development of exchanges between the two continents.

Behind The Scenes Edit

Marco Polo is mentioned in several stories. The first is probably Carl Barks's Bottlecaps for Tralla La, published for the first time in 1954, when Scrooge McDuck, looking the titular lost valley, is told that what little information there is available about Tralla La dates back to the days of Marco Polo. Polo would be mentioned twice more by Carl Barks, in The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan and Treasure of Marco Polo.

The 1974 story The Khan Can, part of Mickey Through the Centuries, where Mickey Mouse travels back in time and meets Polo himself (depicted as a semi-realistic human being) appears to have been the first appearance in person of Polo. It is notably inconsistent with Marco Polo, a 1977 tale which depicts Polo as an ancestor of Goofy's, looking and behaving as one would expect.

Marco Polo is not to be confused with Marco Topo, an ancestor of Mickey Mouse (though both are variations of the historical Marco Polo).

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