Marjorie Elizabeth "Marge" Norton Ralston (November 10, 1911 - July 22, 1998[1]) was the first female voice of Minnie Mouse. She was chosen by Walt after all employees auditioned (including Walt's sister-in law, who was then Head Inker). Marjorie voiced her in only three cartoons - Wild Waves being the first - before she begged to stop out of shyness and recommended new-hire Marcellite Garner to Walt after hearing Marcellite talking and giggling as Minnie at work (Marcellite then became Minnie for the rest of the years). Marjorie began as an Inker at the Walt Disney Studio in 1929, Walt's thirteenth employee and fifth female employee. She worked for Disney for 12 years until 1941, finishing as Head Inker, until she retired to raise her two sons, Bob (who later became a musician and was featured on The Lawrence Welk Show) and Rick (founder of Crazy Shirts in Honolulu, Hawaii).

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