The Duck Family Tree, more widely known as Mark Worden's Duck Family Tree, is a version of the duck family tree created by Mark Worden.


A rather limited effort, this version of the Duck Family Tree spans four generations and includes the following characters:

According to the tree, Gladstone Gander was born the son of Luke Goose and Daphne Duck, then later orphaned, and adopted by the spouses Goosetave Gander and Matilda McDuck. This information does not line up with known lore.

The tree has a banner which claims it is, in-universe, the genealogical work of Carl Barks, with "additional research and portraiture" by Mark Worden. Thus, the above oddities, and many missing characters, can be attributed to Barks and Worden's faulty research.

Behind the scenesEdit

This version of the Duck Family Tree was created by Mark Worden for the Carl Barks Library’s 6th volume. It is based on Carl Barks's first Duck Family Tree, and thus includes the complicated plotline of Gladstone Gander's parentage (complete with Gus Goose as Luke Goose's nephew rather than son), which Carl Barks later retconned away himself.

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