Martians are a (or possibly several) sapient species inhabiting the planet Mars.


Martians are the sapient inhabitants of the planet Mars in the Solar System. Martian technology is somewhat more advanced than that of Earth, although their societies are largely similar. Like Earthlings, Martians have several countries and states, and some peoples are far less advanced and "civilized" than the norm.

Martians vary greatly in shape, size and abilities, even more so than Earthlings. It is unknown if they are all one species, or several related species. Martian "strains" include:

In his 1896 novel War of the Worlds, Herbert George Wells described his (purely fictional) take on Martians as malevolent octopus-like creatures, who used various machines to move about.

Behind the scenesEdit

Martians are a common occurence in Disney media.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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