The Martian Chief of the Shipyard, mistakenly idenfitied as Davy Jones by human sailors, is a (presumably male) Martian.

Description Edit

The Martian Chief, presumably a trusted dignitary on his home planet, was sent in 1963 to Earth to overview the harvesting of shipwrecks from the bottom of the sea in order to remedy Mars's critical iron shortage. He met Scrooge McDuck and his nephews (come to retrieve the Number One Dime lost aboard one of the sunken boats) and took them to be spies, ordering them put away.

However, not a bad sort through it all, he eventually saw reason, and in exchange for Scrooge's giving the Martians a more reliable supply of iron, he even gave him a goodly amount of gold salvaged from the wrecks. He then presumably kept his position as chief of the operations, for all that said operations had changed nature from harvesting the sunken wrecks to mining the iron ore.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Martian Chief is only known to have appeared in the 1963 classic Lost Beneath the Sea, although Don Rosa also drew him on several occasions for covers and illustrations.

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