The Martian Mastermind is a male, monstrous martian.


The Martian Mastermind is a large martian living in some sort of evil lair on the planet Mars. He was formerly in command of a large army of improbable creatures (amongst them was Donald Duck, for some reason), a lot of which he may have created himself. The Mastermind is himself a powerful and eldritch monster; he is able to turn himself into a swarm of bugs to fit under small spaces, he can control bugs and snakes, and he has also shown the ability to extend a number of tentacles with suction cups on the end to ensnare possible victims. A swarm of bat-like creatures reside inside his gigantic maws. As little is known about typical Martian biology, it is unknown if the Mastermind was born this way or if he altered himself into that form.

The Mastermind is, as his name implies, a genius. His talent is first of all with mechanics, and he has constructed a duplicating ray, a heat ray, and the Martian Robot (a mechanical man that makes up for his limited function with his incredible durability). However, the Mastermind is also a talented biochemist, and has a large chemistry set in its lair.

In 1957, the Mastermind sent his robot to Earth to kidnap secret-superheroine Miss Smith for the purpose of studying her. It is unknown whether he was aware of Miss Smith's powers or just wanted to study mankind and accidentally picked her of all people. At any rate, Miss Smith foiled him, giving him and his army exploding cigars and then flying back to Earth. Out of some unknown reasoning, the Mastermind sent the Martian Robot back to Earth, with instructions to kidnap Miss Smith's boss and probable boyfriend, a scientist. It is likely that Miss Smith defeated the Robot and saved him, and the Mastermind appears to have lost control of the Robot, who became stranded on Earth.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Martian Mastermind first appeared in the fictional segment of Mars and Beyond (1957).

He is a parody of the character of the same name who served as the main antagonist of the 1953 science-fiction film Invaders from Mars.

The Martian later appeared in the 2018 Mickey Mouse: The Series episode Roll 'Em, however, it is unknown if it was the true Martian Mastermind, seemingly taking a job as an actor on Earth, or a prop or costume of him.

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