The Martian Robot is an alien robot.


The Martian Robot is a robot that was created by the Martian Mastermind to assist in carrying out evil schemes (such as when he was sent to Earth to abduct Miss Smith). Its last known mission under the control of the Mastermind was intended to abduct a scientist on Earth, but it appears this failed (likely thanks to Miss Smith), and the Robot was stranded on Earth, where it appears that it fell out of the Mastermind's control.

It then started working as a chef at a Mechanical House. It was destroyed for the first time there, when Mickey Mouse dropped a bucket of water on it's head, causing it to short-circuit and explode. Somehow repaired shortly after, it became the chef at the House of Mouse.

Where it lived after the House closed down is unknown, but in 2017, it then became Ludwig von Drake's partner in a Three-Legged Race. It was destroyed again during the race, but it is likely that it is not gone for good.

Behind the scenes

The Robot first appeared in a segment of Mars and Beyond.

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