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The Marvelous Smell Machine is a phonograph-like device.


The Marvelous Smell Machine is a device resembling a large phonograph. It was invented by Gyro Gearloose for a skipper of a tuna fleet who hated the smell of fish. The machine can emit any scent, chosen with a dial on the side of the machine, from its horn, replacing any other scent, such as, according to Gyro, "cigar smoke in the parlor and cooking smells in the kitchen". In 1979, Gyro lent it to Mickey Mouse to get the scent of mothballs out of some of Minnie's old clothes, however, the rampant clouds of scent emitted by the device caused chaos throughout Calisota, prompting Mickey to return the machine to Gyro, who remarked that it was "a simple case of a great invention working too well." What became of the machine afterwards is unknown.

Behind the scenes

The Marvelous Smell Machine first appeared in Mickey Mouse and the Marvelous Smell Machine in 1979.