Marvin Acme was a human man.


A pioneer of Toon creation with a boyish sense of humor, Marvin Acme founded Acme Corporation, a company which specialized in the creation of Toon objects — from props and gizmos to whole Toon buildings. As a result, Acme actually owned all of Toontown (or close enough) in 1947. Getting on in years, he drew up a will to bequeath Toontown to the Toons themselves, a fact which enraged Baron Von Rotten (who had plans of his own for Toontown). Von Rotten murdered Acme and attempted to cover up that the will had ever existed, but the plan went wrong and Von Rotten ended up killed with his own Dip, avenging Acme's death.

Behind the scenesEdit

Marvin Acme was first seen in 1988 in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

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