Mary Shelley, or, according to other sources, Mary Shelduck, was, presumably, a female anthropomorphic duck.


Mary Shelley, who seemed to also use the pen name Mary Shelduck (or the other way around), was a writer from the 19th century. Inspired by the life of Victor von Duckenstein, and possibly also Goofy Frankenstein, she wrote a formative horror novel entitled Frankenstein.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mary Shelley was mentioned in the 2003 story Never Alone, and again (as "Mary Shelduck") in the 2016 Duckenstein. Both are, of course, a fictionalized version of the real Mary Shelley, for which reason the Wiki considers them one individual, especially as both stories consider Mary the author of Frankenstein.

Shelley Marie, the main protagonist of Villainous!, was named for the real-life Mary Shelley.

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