Masquerade is an illustrated written story. It features three of the Beagle Boys, Goofy, the Jeweler, and masks of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck's faces.

Description Edit

The Beagle Boys, for their latest plot, wear masks of Mickey, Minnie, and Donald, and ask the Jeweler for his best diamonds. The Jeweler, trusting that Mickey and co will pay for them, hands them over, and the Beagles escape to their hideout. Their plan is foiled, however, when Goofy, thinking that he actually saw his three friends walking by, tries to scare them with a Beagle Boy mask, frightening the real Beagles away.

Behind the scenes Edit

Masquerade is a story featured in the book Walt Disney's Story A Day For Every Day of the Year: Summer Edition.

The story features yet another appearance by the mysterious Jeweler, however, he does not appear in the illustrations.

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