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Master Gracey, sometimes known as simply the Aging Man or the Gentleman, and whose first name is the matter of much speculation, is the ghost of a human man.


Depicted in his Changing Portrait as a handsome young man decaying into a mummified skeleton, Master Gracey was one of the inhabitants of Gracey Manor in its golden age. Little is known about his life for certain; most salient is the persistent rumor that he is the owner of the house and/or the Ghost Host himself, a rumor the Host has been all too happy to indulge, telling tall tales of his mortal life as the pirate "William Gracey",[1] while the butlers and maids of the House spread rumors about the tragic George Gracey, Jr..[2] He has, at any rate, been known to go by the name of Master Gracey, signing some documents “Master Gracey, your Ghost Host”.[3] Whatever his true identity, Master Gracey was buried in the family plot, his large, pure-white tombstone bearing the epitaph “Master Gracey, laid to rest; No mourning, please, at his request”,[4] unless one takes into account the possibility that the Aging Man and the Ghost Host might be two different Masters Gracey, in which case it may be the Host in the tombstone, as he did once refer to said tombstone as his.[5][FANWORK]


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Behind the scenes

Named for special-effects engineer Yale Gracey, the name of ‘Master Gracey’ appears on a tombstone in the Disneyland Haunted Mansion and on the same tombstone (as well as on a label on a bell in the servants' quarters) in the Walt Disney World Mansion.

Fan lore later identified the name with the ‘Aging Man’ Changing Portrait which debuted in the Walt Disney World version of the ride, a link which has since been adopted by merchandise and spin-offs. More controversial is the assertion that Master Gracey is the Ghost Host, as the official “Hatchet Man” portrait of the Ghost Host looks little like the Aging Man portrait people like to assign to Gracey. In an effort to fix the discrepancy, it has sometimes been proposed that Master Gracey and the Ghost Host were related (as siblings or as uncle and nephew) and that both thus held the name of Gracey, and ownership of the Mansion, at various times of its history. The Gracey Family Tree takes this view, depicting the Aging Man as "Master Dorian Gracey" while the Ghost Host is his brother William Gracey.

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