The Master Sorcerer, a title passed down through the eons, is the only name by which the current wielder of the title, a humanoid of unclear species, is known.


The Master Sorcerer is a mysterious, but unimaginably powerful, sorcerer whose face is always shrouded in shadow within his purple robes, who seems to reign over all magic-users in the Universe, being able to summon even gods like Hades and Zeus or sorcerers of such power as Mickey Mouse and Maleficent to his Arena.

Dwelling in some sort of cosmic void, the Master Sorcerer is the guardian of the enchanted chest containing the Sorcerer's Arena and its Enchanted Cards, and, in late 2019, chose a new candidate to go through the challenge of the Arena to become the new Master Sorcerer. Quite why he was so eager to be replaced, the records do not say.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Master Sorcerer was created as the only wholly original character in the 2020 video game release Disney Sorcerer's Arena, also appearing in an animated launch trailer for it, Now Live: Disney Sorcerer’s Arena!, where he appeared to have let the Enchanted Cards loose without the presence of the challenger to his title (a nondescript character in the main game, as the player is put in their shoes).

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