The Master Wizard was and will be (a matter of point of view) a male dognose.


An old and powerful Celtic wizard, keeper of the secrets of the Druids, this sorcerer lived somewhere in Great Britain just around the time of the Roman invasion. Caught off-guard by the attack of the "well-armed barbarians", he used his magic to open a time rift at the heart of his temple, within a ring of stones, hoping to summon future powerful wizards to his aid.

He only succeeded in ensnaring 20th-century tourists Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Shamrock Bones. First thinking their camera was an artifact of dark magic, and thus that they were hostile, he tried to cast them into a sacrificial pit, but was eventually convinced of their good faith and lack of powers.

In desperation, the Master Wizard resorted to his trump card: he moved himself and his entire cohort forwards in time by thousands of years, dropping the tourists in their native 20th century on the way, to rematerialize in some future, and hopefully less-dangerous times. All that was left of the temple were the very ruins Mickey, Minnie and Shamrock had been visiting.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Master Wizard only ever appeared in the 1972 story The Ring of Stone and its cover.

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