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Matchmaker is a comic story written by Vic Lockman and drawn by Kay Wright. It features Scrooge McDuck, Elvira Duck, and, in their debuts, Tillie Tightwad and Millie the Miser.


Grandma Duck, in one of her less admirable bouts of stumbling into other people's private business, decides Scrooge McDuck ought to get a girlfriend. A reluctant Scrooge ends up set up with one Tillie Tightwad, who seems to share his interests… but can an old lady and a supercomputer's dating software really, reliably find a good match for Scrooge?

Behind the scenes

This story was only ever published in English in the 1982 Uncle Scrooge #202.

INDUCKS does not have a record of the writer of the story, though it is most likely Vic Lockman, based on style.