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This page describes content which, while legally created, was not licensed by the Walt Disney Company. Aunt Matilda (real name presumably Matilda Rabbit) is a female anthropomorphic rabbit.


By all appearances the sister of Oswald Rabbit, Oswald's adopted sons Lloyd and Floyd's “Aunt Matilda” had, in 1949, left her trunk at the house of Oswald. The trunk contained Matilda's vanity case, which the kids used to disguise themselves as a woman in an effort to prank their Poppa Oswald and ruin his chances with attractive neighbor Rosabelle. Lloyd and Floyd briefly worried that Matilda might be angry with them if she found out, but went ahead with the scheme anyway.

Behind the scenes

"Aunt Matilda" is mentioned in the 1949 comic story Spring Fever. The story keeps her exact relationship to Lloyd and Floyd Rabbit somewhat ambiguous, but, since a trunk of her belongings is seen in Oswald Rabbit's house and since Oswald is a single parent to Lloyd and Floyd, it can be reasonably assumed that she is Oswald's sister, though this is unconfirmed.