Maurice Mattressface is a character of the Golden Era.


Despite his connections to the IMC and Molay, Mattressface is portrayed as someone with no personal ulterior motives, who seeks to maintain the noble cause of the Templars.

He is against Molay's various nefarious practices, though he is startled when he discovers that Molay is a member of the Priory of Sion, a secret society within the Templars, seeking personal success.

The Fabulous Philosopher's StoneEdit

The IMC stumbled onto the trail of the Philosopher's Stone just after Scrooge did. They sent Mattressface to find it, as its reckless use would destroy the value of the world's gold market.

Mattressface originally went to Germany to search for Ostanes' Philosopher's Stone, and then to Rome, only to find that Ostanes was raided by Sicilian pirates before he could get the Stone to Rome. In a north cave, he discovered that the pirates were Saracen, and that they had sailed to Damascus.

Having found no records in Damascus he eventually ended up in Crete, where he discovered that Scrooge had found the Philosopher's Stone, and stopped him from using it before he would turn to gold himself.

Mattressface then returned the Stone to the IMC HQ in Paris, where Molay kept it in his desk.

The Crown of the Crusader KingsEdit

Being reminded of Mattressface and the Philosopher's Stone, Scrooge realized that the IMC were experts on Crusader Treasures, and travelled with his nephews to Paris, in search of the Crown of the Crusader Kings.

Maurice is depicted as the assistant of Molay, though he doesn't follow him to Haiti. Later in the story, it is revealed that Molay and him are actually Templars.

Letter From HomeEdit

In Letter From Home, Mattressface is expressing his serious reservations over Molay having stolen the Crown from a museum in Haiti, but helps Molay track down the tartan that resided near the Crown, all the way to the McDuck Castle.

He travels with Molay to the Dismal Downs, where they eavesdrop on Scrooge's attempts to recover the Treasure of the Templars. Half-way into the search, Mattressface has enough of Molay's methods and is about to warn Scrooge, when Molay knocks him out and ties him up.

Using the Philosopher's Stone to escape, he helps the ducks defeat Molay. Scrooge assigns him to find a proper way for the wealth of the Templars to be shared on worthy organizations, and Mattressface ends up taking Molay to the local constabulary.

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