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Maximilian "Max" Goof, often called Max Goofy or Max, and simply Junior in his childhood is a male anthropomorphic dog.


Max is Goofy’s son. He is not nearly as big a klutz as his father, but fears that he will become one and is often embarrassed by his dad’s clumsiness. Despite all that he greatly loves his father. Max enjoys spending time with his friends P.J. and Robert Zimuruski. Their favorite activities are skateboarding and playing video games.

Behind the Scenes

Max's origins can be traced to the 1951 short, Fathers Are People, wherein Goofy, then known as "George Geef", becomes the father to a little red-headed boy, Junior. The Junior character would be used in several more shorts throughout the 1950's and 1960's. He would be retooled for the 1992 television series, Goof Troop, changed from a red-headed boy who appears to be roughly six, to a dark-haired boy who declares himself to be 11 1/2 years old.[1][2] In addition, the character's name would be changed from Junior to Max, a name which has stuck with the character up to his most recent appearances.

Voice Actors/Actresses

  • Bobby Driscoll (1950s shorts)
  • June Foray (Goofy shorts)
  • Kevin Corcoran (1960s shorts)
  • Dana Hill (Goof Troop)
  • Shaun Fleming (Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas)
  • Jason Marsden (1995–present)
  • Aaron Lohr (singing voice)

Notes and References

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