Maxwell Street Pete was an anthropomorphic cat.


Maxwell Street Pete was a nondescript ancestor of Peg-Leg Pete (presumably his great-great-great-uncle, father, or thereabouts) who lived in the United States of America in the 19th century as a traveling confidence artist. At one point, he scammed an entire town of gullible river town folks in Missouri into believing in the existence of a made-up type of game, the "snipe", for whose hunt Pete then sold overpriced "equipment". One man, the crafty and irascible Missouri Mickey (an ancestor of Mickey Mouse), didn't fall for it, and ended up exposing Pete's trickery; covered in tar and feathers, Pete and his single long-suffering henchman were chased out of town.

Behind the scenesEdit

Maxwell Street Pete was only ever seen in the 1988 story Snipe Hunt.

His name seems to be an allusion to the famous Maxwell Street of Chicago; whether he is truly called Maxwell Pete with Street as his middle name, making this a pun, or it is a nickname based on Pete's origin ("Maxwell Street" Pete), is unclear.

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