Mayor Hogwilde, also known as Mayor Hogg (sometimes spelled Mayor Hog[1]) and Mayor Pork, or simply the Pig Mayor, is an anthropomorphic pig.


The most constantly reelected mayor of Duckburg from 1958 onwards, Mayor Hogwilde is a typical politician; his heart is in the right place, but he definitely cares more about his public image and his town's than about the actual safety of the citizens. Hogwilde is enthusiastic about any extraordinary manifestation organized in Duckburg, even though they almost invariably go wrong. He has pretty troublesome relations with Scrooge McDuck, who, the way he sees it, is both a blessing and a curse for Duckburg.

Mayor Hogwilde is actually married, and has a rather young son, Oliver Hogwilde, who goes to school with Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck.

Behind the scenesEdit

The "pig mayor" of Duckburg first appeared in 1958 in Christmas in Duckburg. The only inevitable physical trait of Hogwilde's besides his clothing style is his general plumpness; depending on the story, he has been known to wear glasses similar to Scrooge's, and even has sideburns.


In his first appearance in Christmas in Duckburg, the Mayor was called "Mayor Hogwilde". Oddly, this was not followed upon for years, to the point that two other names were used in later American issues, such as "Mayor Hogg" in Uncle Scrooge #382 and "Mayor Hog" in The Village Blacksmith. In the Swedish translation, he has been consistently and amusingly renamed "Mayor Bacon" in all his appearances; similarly, some Polish translations would refer to him as "McBekon".

Notes & ReferencesEdit

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