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McDuck Zoo, also known as the Duckburg Zoo, is a large menagerie on the outskirts of Duckburg.


Initially a private zoo attached to Scrooge McDuck's country estate, this humongous menagerie was eventually opened to the public and became the Duckburg Zoo after Scrooge realized what a source of profit it would be.

In 1950, Scrooge boasted that McDuck Zoo was the largest zoo in the world, and further stated that it contained at least one specimen of every animal species in the world — and though he may have been boasting a little bit, it is true that the Zoo contains many strange or even downright fantastic animals, from the two-headed Politician Bird and Gnoofs to its star attraction Unie the Unicorn.

Nevertheless, a public can grow tired of anything, and it is not rare for Scrooge to send out his nephews out into the world to capture some new improbable beast to counteract dwindling numbers of visitors at the Zoo.

Behind the scenes

McDuck Zoo first appeared in the 1950 story Trail of the Unicorn.