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This page describes content which, while legally created, was not licensed by the Walt Disney Company. The Mechanical Skeleton was an artificial monster created by Madame Tarsa.


The Mechanical Skeleton was an artificial guardian, one of the more fearsome toys created by Madame Tarsa to ensure people she banished into the Toymaker's Labyrinth stayed there. Powered by a spring with a wind-up key, the Skeleton would appear as a bundle of bones when at rest, only “unfolding” itself in a humanoid form when wound up. It could capture its opponents, swallowing them to trap them inside its very literal “ribcage”. During their 2019 adventure in the Labyrinth, Pessimist-242 and Larrikin-1029 defeated the Skeleton, thanks to Pessimist ripping out its master-gear and leaving it motionless.

Behind the scenes

The Mechanical Skeleton appears as a secondary antagonist in the 2019 short story The Toymaker's Labyrinth.