Medea is a female anthropomorphic cockatoo.


The daughter of the King and Queen of the ancient country of Colchis, home to the Golden Fleece, Medea was a powerful and cunning witch and a priestess to the goddess Hecates. When a dashing Greek hero called Jason came from Greece, seeking the Fleece, Medea fell madly in love with him, and told him how to bypass the protections on the Golden Fleece (the Harpies and the Sleepless Dragon). The two subsequently fled Colchis aboard the Argo. However, after a certain amount of time, Medea and Jason eventually fell out; Medea, in her rage, stole the Argo and sailed back to Colchis where she put the Fleece back in its place. Thanks to a youth potion (that would later be coveted by Magia De Spell, Medea remained alive until the present day, though her activities after her return to Colchis are unknown, aside from the fact that she contributed to the making of a "Witchcraft Guidebook" in 1973.

Behind the scenes

Medea, obviously based on the mythological figure of the same name, first appeared in 1955 in The Golden Fleecing. She was then featured in the flesh in the 1973 Brazilian stories, Medea's Potion and Beyond Belief. Oddly, those two appearances earned her two separate I.N.D.U.C.K.S. codes, Medéia and Medéia the witch.

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