Unofficial Meeting of Two Worlds is an illustration by Daan Jippes. It features Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Spirou and Fantasio.


The cartoon depicts Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck coming across Spirou and Fantasio as the two adventurous duos are exploring a jungle. Seemingly overjoyed at this turn of luck, the four greet each other with friendly cheers.

Behind the scenesEdit

This piece was created as an art print by Daan Jippes at the request of the website Spirou Reporter. Two different colored versions exist, alongside a preliminary sketch that featured a more absurdist take on the scene.

Meeting of Two Worlds is closely related to Stuntmen of the Buddha, a later creation of Daan Jippes which further cements the connection between the Duck and Spirou franchises. It can also be likened to Mickey Mouse's Adventures in Palombia.

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