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Megahelper (Wortelkwadraat in the original Dutch) was a male, sentient robot.


Megahelper was an “inventor's inventor” designed in 2006 by Duckburg's eccentric inventor Gyro Gearloose to handle some of his excessive workload while Gyro took some time to relax by himself. Due to having a literal screw loose, Megahelper proved overenthusiastic in interpreting Gyro's commands, though, threatening to upturn his entire life by taking his every comment at face value. This ended up Megahelper's undoing, however, as, to Gyro's panicked wish that he could “uninvent” Megahelper, the robot answered by giving Gyro a Time Machine with which to go back to the morning and rewrite the timeline so that he, Megahelper, was never created. In the end, however, the Little Helper ended up creating a Little Megahelper of his own.

Behind the scenes

Megahelper is central to the 2006 story The Inventor's Inventor.