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Megavolt, civilian name Elmo Sputterspark, is an anthropomorphic rat who possesses the power of electrokinesis.


One of Darkwing Duck's oldest foes, Megavolt was once an ordinary boy with a love for science named Elmo Sputterspark. However, after he was tied to his science fair project, a machine which induced static electricity, by bullies, he gained the power of electrokinesis. Sputterspark, now going by Megavolt, attacked the school prom out of revenge, however, before he could enact his revenge on the bullies who had tied him to the machine, Drake Mallard, thinking quickly, created a costume out of clothes that he had found backstage, becoming Darkwing Duck and defeating Megavolt.

The machine had also fried part of Megavolt's brain, giving him the belief that electronic devices were being enslaved by mankind, and that he was the person who must free them. Thus, Megavolt began a life of crime, stealing electronic devices and "freeing" them. These crimes were always foiled by Darwking, and the two quickly became arch-nemeses. Megavolt later joined the Fearsome Five, a group of supervillains dedicated to destroying Darkwing.

Behind the scenes

Megavolt first appeared in Duck Blind in 1991. He later became one of the most recurring enemies of the Darkwing Duck franchise.