Melanie Ravenswood, also known as the Bride, was a human woman who is now a ghost.


The beautiful and musically-minded daughter of 19th century Thunder Mesa mining baron Henry Ravenswood, Melanie had a difficult relationship with her arrogant and possessive father, who wished to keep her forever in his grasp inside the Manor as just one more possession. One after the other he arranged for the deaths of Melanie's various suitors, and, after he died in the 1860 earthquake that created Phantom Canyon, still he would not rest; for though Melanie had found true love at last in the person of Jake, a handsome foreman in the Ravenswood mine, Henry returned from the dead as the Phantom to murder Jake on the day the two lovers planned to elope and get married.

Melanie lived the rest of her life a forced recluse inside Ravenswood Manor, soon renamed Phantom Manor as the devilish “Phantom” Henry had become established his hold on the building. After her miserable and lonely death, Melanie's spirit remained trapped in the Manor, still haunted by the grief and horrors of her past, and slowly went mad. By the 1880's, her sad, deluded ghost was dying to marry anyone — just anyone — the details and practicalities of life all forgotten…


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Behind the scenesEdit

Melanie Ravenswood was created for the Disneyland Paris ride Phantom Manor, which opened in 1992, of which she is arguably the main character. She is the Manor’s counterpart to The Haunted Mansion’s Beating Heart Bride (nicknamed “Emily”).

Following the 2019 refurbishments which added the idea of four previous doomed lovers to Melanie's backstory, and established just how insane she had gone, Melanie also appears to be taking on some traits of the more villainous Black Widow Bride, Constance Hatchaway.

Voice Actresses & PortrayersEdit

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